Do I really need to wash my car regularly?

Do I really need to wash my car regularly?

Washing your car shouldn’t be a last resort once it’s gotten too dirty or when you want to impress someone. It should be part of your regular vehicle maintenance. Why? Because a dirty car can lead to damage that could have been avoided and costly repairs.

Experts agree that your vehicle should be washed once every two weeks, or more often if you live near the ocean where corrosion occurs quicker.

Here are 5 reasons why regularly washing your car is important:

  1. It makes you look good

When you drive a dirty car, people tend to judge you quite harshly and first impressions are often hard to change. It’s even worse if you pick someone up in a car that’s not only dust-streaked on the outside but filled with rubbish inside. People may assume that you’re not a neat and clean person in other areas of your life as well.

  1. It reminds you to check the little things

Washing your car gives you a good opportunity to see if there are any little things that you need to pay attention to. Are the tread of your tyres still deep enough? Is your license plate firmly fastened? Are there any loose wires poking out? Check under the hood to see if your oil, water or windshield fluid needs topping up or there are any wires or pipes that look loose.

At CREAM, our staff carefully and thoroughly washes each vehicle that passes through our washing bays. This will make it easier for you to spot any small problems or things that need maintenance.

  1. It keeps your car looking great for longer

Dust, dirt, debris and the sun can end up damaging your car’s exterior. Without regularly washes and wax applications, the paint will dull and chip easier. When you park underneath trees and birds repaint your vehicle, the highly acidic bird poo can also damage your paint. Wash it off as soon as you notice.

CREAM’s products are especially formulated to clean and protect your vehicle. Our CREAM formula includes Carnauba wax and allows your paint to breathe, helps prevent rust and leaves paint looking shinier for longer. Our resin polish creates a protective film which lasts up to 6 months and prevents your paintwork from fading and protects it from the elements and pollution.

  1. It prevents germs and allergy-causing substances to build up in your vehicle

Many of us spend several hours each week in our vehicle – travelling between home, work, school, the shops and hobbies. Rubbish, dust and germs tend to accumulate in the interior, which can lead to allergies and sickness. When you wash your car, it helps to get rid of some of these substances.

At CREAM we can also provide a sanitizing service to make your vehicle germ-free in a quick, easy and safe way. This is especially great if you travel a lot and you have an increased risk to be exposed to Covid-19.

  1. You get a better resale/trade-in value

When your car properly maintained and kept in a good condition, you’ll get a better resale or trade-in value.

Visit your nearest CREAM branch to see why our clients keep coming back and to find out more about our amazing products.

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