How is CREAM different from any other car wash?

How is CREAM different from any other car wash?

CREAM is a truly one-of-a-kind car wash franchise thanks to our innovative products and practices and passionate staff. We brought our expertise in the detail business to the front line of the car wash industry to provide clients with a car wash experience like no other.

Besides ensuring that our products are not harmful to your vehicle, we’ve also ensured that they are environmentally friendly. They do not contain any detergents and are biodegradable.

Our products are not only great for your car but don’t harm the environment!

CREAM is also conscious of the water-scarce times we’re living in and employs a special water reclamation system at all our car branches. This system was designed in-house and ensures that we conserve water, unlike most other car washes. Due to the unique nature of our sites, we have our own team that builds each of our new branches across the country.

When your vehicle leaves our wash bays, it’s not only clean but also has an extra layer of protection. Our CREAM formula is made up of Carnauba wax. This special material is only found in Brazil on the leaves of the Carnauba palm and is like the world’s best sunscreen for your car. It allows your paint to breathe, helps prevent rust and leave it looking cleaner and shinier for longer (thanks to paint brighteners in the formula).

And when you regularly visit us, you’ll find that after a few layers the dirt and moths will slide right off your paint. Our resin polish creates a film over your vehicle’s paint, which lasts for up to 6 months. This prevents your paintwork from fading and protects it from the elements and even pollution such as acid rain.

Paint manufacturers from around the world are so impressed that they gave our products their certified approval!

But we don’t just focus on your vehicle’s exterior, we also ensure that the interior gets treated right. Our special leather feed will ensure that your car’s leather interior doesn’t just look great but stays soft. This product will help the leather last and prevent cracking. For other types of vehicle upholstery, we use MasterGuard+ Fabric Protection, which prevents oil and water stains from soaking into fabrics. This ensures that stains don’t remain and cleanup is much easier.

Have we convinced you to visit your nearest CREAM branch yet? If so, then you can look forward to the following services:

CREAM Wash & Go

If you’re looking for a basic clean or just need your car to sparkle in a hurry, this is the way to go. It includes our foam treatment on your vehicle’s body.

CREAM mini-valet

This is the best way to go if you need your car to sparkle but don’t have much time to spare. This  service includes our foam treatment and interior vacuum clean and will ensure your car’s body, windows, tyres and dash are sparkling.

Full CREAM valet

Treat your car to the works and see it cleaned as never before. This consists of our CREAM foam, a bumper to bumper valet, interior deep clean, an engine bay clean and detail and cream polish.

And if you want to beat any possible Coronavirus germs, you can get your car sanitized with us too!

For more information on our products, you are welcome to chat to the manager at one of our branches.

Want to know if CREAM is coming to your neighbourhood? Check here for the branches lined up for the next few months, although this list keeps growing every week!

Interested in becoming a franchisee? Find out more here.


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