Why should I sanitize my car?

Why should I sanitize my car?

You’re kitted out with your mask and hand sanitizer and you haven’t shaken anyone’s hand in months. You’re keeping safe and clean both at home, in town and at work. But what about while you’re travelling?

While most people are focused on personal hygiene, few have considered the germs that travel with them in their car every day.

That’s where Cream Car Wash comes in. We’re fighting on the front line of the Covid-19 epidemic by providing an interior sanitizing service for your vehicle for just R40.00.

Within a few minutes, we’ll have your car germ-free and give you (and your family) peace of mind as you travel during the Covid-19 epidemic.

So why is it important to regularly sanitize your vehicle?

  • As you move around at work or in the shops, you pick up all kinds of germs. You transfer these onto the steering wheel, door handles and even radio dials.
  • If you take a family member to run errands or drop the kids off at school, they run the risk of being infected by the germs left in your vehicle.
  • Anyone who shares your ride can spread more germs.
  • If you’re using a rental car it’s better to be cautious and sanitize it after you pick it up and before you drop it off.
  • When using a company vehicle, especially if several people regularly travel in it, chances of infection are higher.
  • Although contact infection is not the main way the virus is spread, it is better to take extra precautions.

Sanitizing the interior of vehicles is a tricky business as many conventional methods can damage your upholstery and other surfaces. That’s why Cream Car Wash uses a special sanitizing agent that will leave your surfaces in the same tip-top shape they were.

We are in the front line, doing our part to stop the spread of COVID-19.#CREAMcarwash #stopthespread #staysafe

Posted by CREAM Wash on Thursday, 21 May 2020

So give yourself one less thing to stress about during this Covid-19 crisis and visit one of our branches today for fast, friendly, professional service!

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