Tips to keep your car looking better for longer

Tips to keep your car looking better for longer

When your car’s paint is gleaming in the sunshine, you often wish you could keep it like this all the time. At CREAM we know the secret to keeping your car’s paint looking amazing for longer is to regularly visit one of our branches. But between visits to CREAM, there are several little things you can do to minimize damage to your car’s exterior:

Park like a pro

Be more aware of where you’re parking. People often accidentally ding your paint when there’s not much space between cars. Park a little farther from the store, where there’s more space and look for a corner lot. Your car will be better protected and you’ll get in a few extra steps on your step counter. Most important of all, don’t focus on your sound system, check your phone or be distracted as you’re pulling out of a parking spot. This is often how people either crash into other cars or shopping trolleys.

Wax on, wax on

It’s important to use soap and cloths that have been approved by leaders in the auto industry. That way you won’t inadvertently scratch or damage your vehicle’s paint. End your wash with a coat of wax to protect against sun damage. CREAM has you sorted on this front. Our products are detergent-free and certified by paint manufacturers. Our special formula includes Carnauba wax, which is like sunscreen for your car. Your paint will be protected from the elements for longer, especially if you regularly visit us. Read our blog post on why regular washes are essential!

Don’t go bundu-bashing

Try to avoid driving on roads where your car could be scratched by overgrown brush or low-hanging branches. If you can’t, go slowly. Often, during roadworks, wet tar and stray rocks can also damage your car. Be careful when driving through roadworks as a stray rock can also chip or crack your windshield.

Always keep your eyes on the road

Often we are our car’s worst enemy. You don’t realize how close the curb/pillar/pole is and dent or scratch your car while you’re parking. Don’t fiddle with your phone while driving. This could also lead to you damaging your car, a fine (if a traffic officer spots you) or even a serious accident.

Remember to always keep a safe distance from other vehicles, especially heavy vehicles and bakkies. These vehicles often carry debris on the back and the wind can sling sand or rocks into your vehicle.

Potholes can also cause damage to your suspension, scratch or dent your rims and lead to a flat tyre. Keep a close eye on the road surface if it’s in bad condition or if your route is known for potholes. Slow down if you can’t avoid a pothole. Don’t jerk the steering wheel, as you can lose control of the vehicle.

So take the first step to a great looking car and visit your nearest CREAM branch. Feel free to ask us about the innovative products we use and check out the services we offer. Visit our Facebook page for the newest franchise news and specials.

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