About Cream


What started out as a family business with humble beginnings, turned into one of the most successful national Car-Wash Franchises in the Eastern Cape, with a national footprint underway. The CREAM Franchise was established as a direct result of successful years within the Valet Service allowing us to perfect our services according to your unique requirements.

We know that our customers are now more educated than ever, and with recent focus on environmental sustainability within businesses, we are proud to utilize biodegradable products, and water conservative systems within all our car wash centers.


With 16 years experience in multiple valet centres, CREAM remains The Authority in the car detailing industry. We only use valet products and techniques in all our CREAM wash centres. We use NO harsh car wash cleaning chemicals. Our outlets are Owner / Manager run where quality control is done at all times.

Our CREAM is made up of Carnauba wax, a material only found in Brazil on the leaves of the Carnauba palm. The wax totally screens leaves from the sun while still allowing the leaves to breath and take in nutrients. It’s sunscreen for your car, protects and allows paint to breath. No rust and stays cleaner, shinier for longer.


When Toyota Mthatha’s CSI (Customer Satisfaction Index) dropped to 86%, Toyota stood to lose hundreds of thousands of Rands in factory incentives. They identified their service washbay as the culprit. Toyota then contacted us to rectify the problem and within 30 days of CREAM taking over, we had the washbay running up at 100% Customer Satisfaction. 100% is almost unheard of in the motor industry!


Recently when they closed down all the car washes in the Nelson Mandela Bay Metro (because of water restrictions), they only allowed 5 car washes to continue operating. CREAM was one of 5, due to our unique in-house designed reclamation system (we always recycle our water).


We are also proudly a trusted service partner of all major brands including Mercedes Benz, BMW, Audi, VW, Toyota, Ford / Mazda, Nissan, Hyundai, Opel / Isuzu and Renault.