Tips to make your weekend getaway travels more memorable

Tips to make your weekend getaway travels more memorable

Now that travel restrictions have been lifted, people are hitting the road to visit family or for a weekend getaway. Besides visiting a CREAM beforehand to ensure your vehicle is clean and sanitized, we’ve compiled a few tips to make it a trip to remember.

Pre-trip checklist

The day or morning before heading off, it’s a good idea to check that your vehicle is set for the trip to avoid an unexpected breakdown:

  • Oil & water

Check under the hood to make sure your oil, water and windshield wiper fluid is topped up.

  • Tyres

Worn tyre tread weakens your vehicle’s grip on the road and ability to brake in case of emergencies. Check that your tyre tread is still the legally acceptable depth. If not, you may need to visit a tyre dealership.  Tyres that are incorrectly inflated negatively affects your vehicle’s stability, handling and cornering. Before heading off, stop at your nearest filling station to check the tyre pressure and have it adjusted.

  • License & license disk

Often we’re so busy that we forget to check when our driver’s license and vehicle license disks expire. Avoid an uncomfortable conversation if you get stopped by traffic officers and check your wallet and windscreen before you head off!

  • Clean your car

Make your trip a comfortable one by ensuring that your vehicle has been cleaned inside and out. CREAM can help you do that! You can even have your vehicle sanitized to help eliminate any Covid-19 germs that may have hitched a ride during your travels to work and the shops. It’s important to empty all the trash and odds and ends that have gathered in your vehicle. This will make space for the new things you’ll gather during your trip and ensure the vehicle is neat and comfortable for your passengers.

Personal checklist

Covid-19 prevention measures and regulations mean that there are several new items to put on your personal travel list and new things to keep in mind.

  • Masks

Remember to pack in two or more masks for you and each member of your family. You won’t be allowed anywhere without it.

  • Hand sanitizer

Keep germs away (and clean off those little hands after snacks and playtime) by keeping a bottle of hand sanitizers and sanitizing wipes in your vehicle and handbag.

  • Plan your rest stops

To minimize possible exposure to Covid-19, you need to plan your rest stops and make sure you limit contact with surfaces, items and people. Plan your refuel stops and bathroom breaks. To make things a little easier on your budget and to limit your stops, fill a cooler bag with snacks and make your own lunch or dinner to enjoy on the road. Easy-to-eat and less-messy foods include fruit, nuts, sandwiches, wraps, salted crackers with dips and mini vetkoek.

Solo travelling tips

If you’re travelling alone, remember to pack snacks and drinks to help keep you alert. Stay away from sugary foods and caffeine-loaded energy drinks. Make your own thermos of coffee or tea to sip as you drive. Keep a pack of chewing gum handy, as chewing helps keep you alert. The smell of mint can also be energizing. You can keep a tin of mints handy or just look for a mint-scented air freshener.

Make sure your USB or phone is loaded with your favourite music or that your CDs are handy. Audiobooks can also keep you alert, without distracting you. Pick a comedy as laughter will keep you focused and feeling good.

Fun activities for the family

Nothing can make a trip more miserable than when kids are bored and hungry. Keep the hunger at bay by packing a few healthy snacks like wholewheat crackers with dips or cheese, biltong, nuts, fruit or cereal bars.

Get the kids to look up from their phones and tablets and take a few books with. There are also lots of fun games and activities that can keep them occupied:

  • I-spy

Everyone gets a turn to pick an item they spotted out of the window or in the car. They have to say with which letter the object starts and the rest of the car needs to guess what it is by asking ‘yes’ or ‘no’ questions like: “Is it green?” “Is it an animal?” “Is it a plant?” The first person to guess correctly gets the next turn.  The first person to five points wins.

  • Number plate game

See who can make up the most words or names (or most interesting ones) using only the letters on the number plates of passing cars

  • Photo scrapbook

Have the kids take photos of things they spot during your drive or at rest stops and load them your favourite social media platform or make them into a family scrapbook. Only the best photos will get chosen, so challenge the children to try interesting angles, poses and filters to make their photos stand out.

  • Photo scavenger hunt

For this fun, long term game you’ll need to make up a list of objects the children need to draw, take photos of or mark on a list. It can include things like well-known landmarks along the route, animals, signs or tasks they need to complete (like eating ice cream or standing on one leg next to a rest stop signpost). The first one to complete the whole list wins a little prize like a treat or their choice of activity.

  • Audiobooks

If the family all have different music tastes, why not play an audiobook the family can listen together. Choose a family-friendly title that everyone can listen together like Harry Potter, Chronicles of Narnia, short children’s stories, classics like Robin Hood and Mathilda or even the book version of a favourite Disney movie.

If all else fails, make sure you have enough data for streaming or pre-download a few movies or series for the kids to watch on their devices.

So before you head off of your next trip, remember to visit CREAM first to get your car looking great and keep it protected from the elements. Find your nearest branch or find out more about our innovative products.

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