Get the world’s best sunscreen for your car

Get the world’s best sunscreen for your car

As we head into summer and temperatures are rising, we’re spending more and more time outside in the sun. The next time you grab your hat and sunscreen, remember that it’s not only your skin that needs protection from UV rays. Your vehicle also needs some love and care to ensure the paint and interior is not damaged and faded by the harsh sunlight.

There are several factors that can increase sun damage to your car:

  • If your car is dirty and you don’t wash it regularly (every two weeks, according to experts), the contaminants in the dirt slowly erode the paint’s clear coat or even the surface of porous materials. This weakens the paint’s sun protection and accelerates rust.
  • Bird poop, tree sap and bug splatters contain high levels of acid, which damages the protective coating on your car’s paint.
  • If you live near the ocean, you’ll know that salt can also damage your car’s protective surface. Even tar, gravel and oils that your car is exposed to during travel can contribute to UV damage to your car.

Luckily, CREAM has the perfect solution to keep your car looking good – the world’s best sunscreen for your car! Our CREAM formula (the stuff we wash your car with) contains Carnauba wax. This special substance is derived from the leaves of the Carnauba palm, which is only found in Brazil. With every CREAM wash, our resin polish creates a protective layer on your car’s paint. This allows your car’s paint to breathe and helps to prevent your paint from fading and prevents rust and damage from the sun and pollutants. It also includes paint brighteners that make your car’s paint pop. This means that your car will look cleaner and shinier for longer after a visit to one of our branches. (Paint manufacturers the world over are so impressed with our products they gave it their certified approval!)

If you’re not only worried about your car’s glossy paint, but also those nice leather seats, we also have a solution for you. Our special leather feed will keep leather feeling soft and prevent cracking. Other types of vehicle upholstery are treated by MasterGuard+ Fabric Protection, which prevents oil and water stains from soaking into fabrics. This makes cleaning any spills and stains much easier. We also provide a sanitizing service at a fee, which will help prevent the spread of Covid-19 and keep your car germ-free.

Here are a few other ways (besides regular visits to CREAM) to prevent sun damage to your car:

  1. Always try to park in the shade – in the garage, under a carport or in the shade of a tree or building.
  2. Put up a windshield sun protector when you have to park in the sun. This will keep your car’s interior cooler.
  3. Get seat covers. It not only helps to keep your seats free from stains but will help keep the seats cool as well.
  4. Check and change or top up your vehicle’s water and other important fluids regularly. This will help prevent your car overheating and other incidents that can lead to a breakdown.
  5. Have your car’s battery checked regularly, as high temperatures and the increased use of the vehicle’s air conditioning can cause it to wear out quicker.

So make this summer a great one for your car too with regular visits to your nearest CREAM branch. Visit our Facebook page for news about new branches and specials. You can also check out our other blog articles for more advice, like how to keep your car in top shape and make your travels safe and fun.

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