What to consider when you want to become a franchisee

What to consider when you want to become a franchisee

You have always dreamed of being your own boss and are now considering joining the CREAM team as a franchisee. CREAM is a growing franchise and we are looking for passionate, driven and professional people to help us spread the brand throughout the country. To ensure the success of your new business, there are several things you need to keep in mind during the planning phase:

Market Research

It’s important to know what the car wash industry is like in your area before you start your business. Is there space for another car wash in your chosen town or suburb? What is the area’s income like? What are the newest trends in the car wash industry and vehicle industry? Chat to our other franchisees to find out more about their experiences. People in the industry (like our seasoned franchisees and regional managers) can help you avoid pitfalls and advise you on how to face challenges.


The location of your business can make or break it. Find a great location that has a regular influx of customers. Shopping centres are a great location for a car wash, as shoppers can drop the car off and go shop, eat or gym, and fetch it once they’re done. CREAM’s head office and regional managers may be able to help you pinpoint a great location in your chosen area. Check out where we currently have branches and some of our newest and upcoming ones.

Friendly, competent staff

You need to put together the best possible team of employees. Set up criteria to make sure you hire people that will excel at their job, work well with the rest of the team, have pride in their job and work well with clients. At CREAM, we provide in-service training to make sure your staff conforms to our excellent standards.


Carefully consider your finances – will you be getting finance from a bank or your own pocket? Find out how much you will need to secure your ideal location and set up the business. Chat to our Head Office to find out more about franchise fees and operating costs.

Tips for success once your business is up and running

  • Focus during the training to make sure you and your staff know how to execute your duties efficiently.
  • Be enthusiastic. If you enjoy being at work, your staff will also be more enthusiastic. A positive and friendly atmosphere will also attract more clients.
  • Keep your eye on the ball. Know what is happening in the business and with your staff. Immediately address staff or customer complaints to avoid problems at a later stage.
  • Listen to your customers. If someone requests something and it’s possible, try to accommodate them. If it’s a suggestion on how to improve, take it to heart. If it’s something that can benefit the franchise as a whole, talk to the regional manager or owner and ask them to consider it. Offer solutions on why it would be viable and make the business thrive even more.

For more information on how to become a CREAM franchisee, contact Alan Flanagan on 082 936 0151 or alan@creamwash.co.za.


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