Passion and perseverance leads Yusuf to success

Passion and perseverance leads Yusuf to success

CREAM Car Wash consists of people that are passionate about the car wash industry. We’d like you to get to know the people you trust with your car, so we’ll be introducing the various branches over the next few weeks.

First up is Yusuf Carr of the N1 City branch in Cape Town, who we’d like to welcome to the CREAM Team. It’s a privilege and a feather in our cap to have someone of Yusuf’s calibre and experience (18 years in the industry!) on board.

The N1 City branch will also be our new Western Cape training centre.

Here’s how Yusuf got into the car wash industry and why he is excited to be part of CREAM:

“As far as I can remember, I got an immense feeling of pride and fulfilment from cleaning cars. An onlooker might even say that I’m a little OCD. There is just a sense of accomplishment, a certain amount of joy I feel when I step back and say to myself: “I did that!”

Les Brown, an internationally-known motivational speaker said that if your job is your passion, then you will never work a day in your life.

In 2001, after much deliberation and my family and friends suggesting that I stay with the stability of my day to day job, I finally decided to resign from my 8-5 job and follow my dream. I wanted to own my own business and write my own destiny.

I wanted to have the best car wash in Cape Town.

I needed more ‘hands-on’ experience, so for the first four months after resigning I worked at a panel shop. I learnt how to flat and buff cars while learning and working with different types of paints.

I didn’t have enough capital to buy premises at the time, therefore I purchased the necessary equipment and started doing mobile valets for private persons and dealerships. After two months, I was called to do a demo at a well-known dealership. They were so impressed they requested my services immediately. I was extremely happy.

Overcoming obstacles

The happiness was short-lived though, as eight months later, I was becoming depressed, constantly tired and beginning to struggle financially. I remember my mother’s words: “You gave up a suit and tie to work in overalls.” My reply to her was: “But I’m happy. I’m building my empire”. I didn’t feel like this any more. My son was 6 years old, my daughter was 2 years old, we recently bought a house! My passion and dream couldn’t sustain us any more. I was despondent. What had I done?

After coming home one day, feeling exhausted and like I had failed. I told my wife that I give up. I said that I intended to look for work in the corporate industry again. I had tried, but I had no energy left.

My wife encouraged me to continue with my passion and my dream.

She reminded me that our children were still young and that we can hang in there a bit longer. She agreed to support me in any decision I choose but said that I shouldn’t give up so easily. She is my rock.

It wasn’t easy, but I decided to persevere with my dream. We had some tough times. We had to downscale our lifestyle, sell our assets. There were times when we barely had food in our house.

Blessed with success

My workload increased, which meant that I could afford to employ two staff members. My big break came, when a car wash within my budget became available.

God is good. We saw an increase in our workload due to good, old fashioned hard work, quality work.

Very soon our customers were our biggest advertisement.

At present, we own two car washes and have a staff compliment of 15.

Things were going well, but I still felt that my car wash could be better. Joining CREAM was a big decision, but the obvious next step to becoming a flagship car wash.

Joining the CREAM team

I believe that the professional way CREAM does business and their infrastructure will help me achieve my goal. In my 19 years of experience, I have yet to find a car wash as good as theirs is. They have the complete package: their own chemicals, marketing team and signage.

When I first met Don, I thought he was arrogant. He told me that they had a “better product” and that their “system works better”. I couldn’t believe it. What could CREAM possibly teach me about washing cars, procedures and products?

I was invited to visit another branch of theirs and I decided that I needed to check out my competition if I wanted my car wash to be the best it can be. I was truly impressed by how the car looked just after the wash. Imagine what I could do with their product and my experience!

I agreed to meet up with Alan at CREAM Head Office and was amazed. I finally met someone who is as passionate and has the same experience within this industry as me.”

Clients are encouraged to visit the newly-rebranded N1 City branch and experience the excellent service and passion of Yusuf and his staff for themselves!


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